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Solar Cool

In the last 3 years energy costs have risen by over 40%. The only way it’s going down is if demand decreases. SolarCool is an air conditioning and refrigeration system that utilises patented solar cooling technology to reduce energy usage even when it’s cloudy, saving up to 60% in energy costs.

The most efficient refrigeration system on the planet.

Just add sun…The simple facts are that the free thermodynamics improve the already enviable performance of our unit by up to 60%. Nothing, yes nothing can match that efficiency – Fact.

· The hotter it gets, the less the compressor works.
· Saves vast amounts of energy.
· Considerably reduces CO2 emissions
· Eliminates compressor failure due to over heating.
· Substantially increases compressor lifespan.
· Phenomenal ROI with an unprecedented lifespan.
· COP figures (cooling capacity v power consumption) of over 8 are possible on our multi stage compression systems – just by adding the free energy provided by the sun.

Example COP’s
Sunny Skies = 4.96
Cloudy Skies = 3.10

SolarCool’s ability to massively improve the compressor’s capacity, substantially reduces waste energy, reducing overhead and therefore increasing profitability.